Monday, April 9, 2007

On Second Thought

I just finished reading On Second Thought by Robison Wells. It was the laugh out loud story of Walt Stewart. After his fiancee leaves him for his roommate, Walt takes a job in New Mexico. There he meets a funny assortment of people, as well as Clara Campbell who he falls for immediately. There is a very funny scene in which he follows her in his car. It was insightful to read from the man's point of view as sets out to woo Clara. We don't often get this perspective. He is also drawn to the strange occurrences at a local observatory. Along with the comedy and romance, there is also a mystery to solve. It takes quite a few unexpected turns.

There were so many funny situations that Walt found himself in. I literally laughed out loud at several points, garnering funny looks from my husband. I really enjoyed Wells' humorous style of writing. He has quite a way with humor. I have also enjoyed reading his posts on Six LDS Writers and Frog blog- It is one of my favorite blogs that I check several times a week. I look forward to reading more of Wells' novels.

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Linz said...

Hi Marcia! When I got your e-mail address today I realized that must be a website! I really like your site and your blog and I am so impressed with your writing accomplishments. You are amazing!

P.S. I love American Idol too!