Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Manuscript was Accepted

I'm very happy to announce that Cedar Fort has accepted the Reasonable Doubt manuscript. I just received word yesterday. It was a lot sooner than I had expected so I'm even more thrilled about that. The print date has not been set yet, but it should be at the end of the year or early next year.

I am now editing the sequel, One On One, and hope to have it ready to submit in about 5 months. I don't know why it takes me so long, it is already finished. I don't have a lot of time to write in the summer because my kids stay up a little later than during the school year, and I cannot write unless they are in bed. During the school year, they're usually in bed by 8:30, but during the summer we let them stay up about an hour later, so sometimes I don't sit down to write until 9:30, and by that time, I'm exhausted. I would probably get more writing done if I didn't have to catch a little Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel every night. Shame on me. Now that summer is here and American Idol and Grey's Anatomy are done for a few months, I should have more time at night.

There are some major edits to do and then I have a few people read it to give me comments. My sister is my greatest editor and gives me some great feedback. I hope to know more about my manuscript in a few months!

Friday, May 25, 2007

McNay Art Museum

My church calling is Activity Day Leader which means that I am in charge of planning activities for 8-11 year old girls in order for them to achieve a Faith in God award. Some of the goals are in the areas of serving others and developing talents, along with other focal areas. I wanted to talk a little about an activity that we had recently to fulfill a developing talents goal. We took a group of 11 girls to the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX.

I was pleasantly surprised at what a wonderful collection they had. Among some of the artists that we viewed were Picasso, Gaugin, Cezanne, Matisse, Manet, Renoir, and even one of Monet's water lilies painting. It was fantastic. I have been to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York which are phenomenal museums, but I wasn't expecting such works of art in San Antonio. So, that was a great surprise. It really is a great museum.

It was so fun to be able to go with the girls. They enjoyed it and were very good at answering some of the docent's questions. The girls were so well-behaved and seemed to enjoy it. It was a wonderful treat for me because I have lived in San Antonio for 4 years and have been wanting to go there, but with three little boys, when would I go?

What a fantastic calling I have that I get to take fun girls to an art museum. I love Activity Day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

By Morning Light

I have just finished reading Rachel Ann Nunes' By Morning Light. I really enjoyed this novel. It is the final of the Huntington Family series. It is about Kerrianne whose husband died 4 years prior and it deals with her hesitancy at wanting to move on. She thinks that if she dates other men, it is somehow being unfaithful to her dead husband. She meets Ryan Oakman who is a widower. She can relate to him since they have both lost a spouse and are now single parents. At first, she resists him. What unfolds is a beautiful love story between two people that find they can love again. I also enjoyed seeing bits of other members of the Huntington family. Other books that I enjoyed were No Longer Strangers and Winter Fire and the characters from those novels made cameos in this one. If you're up for a sweet love story, check this one out.

I'm finished!

I have finally finished editing Reasonable Doubt. I can't believe it so long. I officially finished it on New Year's Eve, and only sent it off this past Monday. But, it's off and out of my hands. I hope to hear back in 3 months or so if the publisher has accepted it. I'm grateful to my sister who edited it very well and made great suggestions. Also, a friend at my husband's work, Ann, read through it and caught a lot of mistakes. She also suggested I changed the beginning and now I'm very happy with the first chapter. So, now the wait begins to see if it is accepted.

I have also completed the sequel which I called One On One. I actually finished the sequel prior to finishing the originial. For some reason, I really struggled with finishing Reasonable Doubt. Now the editing process begins for the sequel. I'm looking forward to it because I have some ideas for changes. But, I think I will take a little break and catch up on some movies I've wanted to rent. I haven't watched a movie in months. I've been so wrapped up in finishing the novel. I also taped two presidential debates- the Republicans and Democrats from a few weeks ago and have been wanting to watch those. So, I will do that before I start editing again. I hope it doesn't take me 5 months this time!