Tuesday, May 22, 2007

By Morning Light

I have just finished reading Rachel Ann Nunes' By Morning Light. I really enjoyed this novel. It is the final of the Huntington Family series. It is about Kerrianne whose husband died 4 years prior and it deals with her hesitancy at wanting to move on. She thinks that if she dates other men, it is somehow being unfaithful to her dead husband. She meets Ryan Oakman who is a widower. She can relate to him since they have both lost a spouse and are now single parents. At first, she resists him. What unfolds is a beautiful love story between two people that find they can love again. I also enjoyed seeing bits of other members of the Huntington family. Other books that I enjoyed were No Longer Strangers and Winter Fire and the characters from those novels made cameos in this one. If you're up for a sweet love story, check this one out.

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