Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm finished!

I have finally finished editing Reasonable Doubt. I can't believe it so long. I officially finished it on New Year's Eve, and only sent it off this past Monday. But, it's off and out of my hands. I hope to hear back in 3 months or so if the publisher has accepted it. I'm grateful to my sister who edited it very well and made great suggestions. Also, a friend at my husband's work, Ann, read through it and caught a lot of mistakes. She also suggested I changed the beginning and now I'm very happy with the first chapter. So, now the wait begins to see if it is accepted.

I have also completed the sequel which I called One On One. I actually finished the sequel prior to finishing the originial. For some reason, I really struggled with finishing Reasonable Doubt. Now the editing process begins for the sequel. I'm looking forward to it because I have some ideas for changes. But, I think I will take a little break and catch up on some movies I've wanted to rent. I haven't watched a movie in months. I've been so wrapped up in finishing the novel. I also taped two presidential debates- the Republicans and Democrats from a few weeks ago and have been wanting to watch those. So, I will do that before I start editing again. I hope it doesn't take me 5 months this time!

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