Saturday, July 7, 2007

Persuasion by Jane Austen


And, who doesn't? She's my favorite author and has been for a long time. I first read this book about 7 years ago and of course fell in love with it. I re-read it for a book club next week. I very rarely read books a second time. I think this is only my 3rd time.

It is a beautifully-written book, like all her others. In Persuasion, Anne Elliot is persuaded by a family friend to not pursue a relationship with Captain Wentworth because of his inferior place in society. Many years later, she is reacquainted with him and her love for him has not diminished. She is unsure of how he feels about her. He is now a prestigious and admired captain; his station in life completely changed from before.

They find each other in the same social circles, but his pride and her uncertainty of his feelings prevents them from reuniting. At some point, it is believed that each of them is attached to another.

The novel has its funny assortment of characters just like all of Austen's works. And, Austen saves the wonderful union of Anne and Captain Wentworth for the last pages, as in her other books. But, that makes it sweet as you finally read the happy ending. I actually cried as I read the touching letter he writes to Anne at the end.


Karlene said...

I'm an Austen fan too, and I'm always surprised that a lot of people who call themselves fans have never heard of this book.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Tag, Marcia!! You're it.

Sarah & Spencer (But Mostly Sarah) said...

marcia, I love persuasion too. It's the best. Hey--my cousin Deborah has a blog. you should catch up with an old byu friend. :D