Monday, October 29, 2007

George is an Idiot!

I love the show, Grey's Anatomy, but so far this season has been disappointing. I hate the George/Izzy/Callie storyline. It's awful. First of all, there is no chemistry whatsoever between Izzy & George. It's so forced and contrived. George was such a nice, likeable character. Right now, I don't like him at all. He's an idiot. I hate that he cheated on Callie. What a jerk!

So, now he wants to be with Izzy, but they're not sleeping together right now out of respect for Callie's feelings. Please! I loved that Christina scoffed at that on last Thursday's episode. What kind of respect does he have for Callie's feelings? None!

Izzy & George are a gross couple. I hate it! I also hate that they ruined such a nice friendship by sleeping together. They really had a nice friendship and I liked it, now I really don't like either of them at all. It's painful to watch them together.

But, I still love Grey's Anatomy. I'll keep watching, but I'll roll my eyes every time they show Izzy & George together.

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