Thursday, November 8, 2007

Customer Service

When I lived in NJ, I got used to horrible customer service. Grocery store trips were a nightmare. The checkers usually didn't greet me much less talk to me. They would point to the total on the register and often didn't even tell me the total. There was rarely a 'thank you' or 'have a nice day.' It was all very common and I didn't question it. It's just the Jersey attitude. You get used to it.

When I moved to Texas four years ago, I was pleasantly surprised. People are so nice. Customer service is good, store employees are so friendly and nice. Yesterday, on a grocery trip, I was overwhelmed with friendliness and employees who take their job seriously and who care about customer service. As I approached the store, a young employee greeted me and asked if I needed a cart. He then pulled out a cart for me, pulled out the child seat, untangled the safety belt (In NJ, you were lucky if you found a shopping cart with a safety belt that wasn't broken), and held onto the cart while I put my baby in there. He was so friendly and nice!

All of the grocery stores that I have visited in Texas have shown amazing customer service. When I reached the check-out, the checker totaled my groceries and as I swiped my card, she quickly cleared it because she remembered there was a coupon I could use for one of my items. She didn't have to do that; she just took the extra step to help me. While I was checking out, the same young man who helped me get the shopping cart, came up and asked if my baby wanted a balloon. I said, 'yes, thanks.' He brought over a yellow and orange and asked him which one he wanted. Ruben took the yellow one, so the young man gave it to him and tied the orange one to the shopping cart. After a few minutes, like many babies do, Ruben let go of the balloon and it soared into the air. So, another store employee brought over another yellow balloon for him.

I was so impressed with my experience there. What great, friendly employees. I love the customer service here and actually don't mind going grocery shopping anymore.

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Don said...

Ain't Texas great? We just love it.