Friday, November 2, 2007

I'm Writing!

I've been in a writing mood lately. I haven't felt like reading--the two books I'm reading now have been untouched for over a week. And, I checked a movie out from the library a week ago and returned it today without watching it. I've just been writing. I'm not very good at keeping track of how many words I've written in the past few days, but I just know it's going well.

The last two days, I've worked. I'm a substitute teacher and I get a lot done during the 50 minutes during which the class is at PE/Music. I bring a spiral notebook and write the whole time. In just a little while, I'm going to go type what I've written the last few days. I'm working on the sequel to my soon-to-be released novel, Reasonable Doubt. The sequel is One on One, and I'm at 65,000 words, and that is without what I'm going to type tonight.

I'm also excited that my friend, Amanda, has agreed to read it and help me edit it. She really enjoys editing and always has good suggestions/comments. So, I'm looking forward to her comments. I have given her the green light to shred it apart. I always feel better when I get some negative comments or ideas for improvement because I know there is always something that could be written better. It feels good to be able to fix stuff.

Okay, off I go to type up my handwritten notebook pages!


Don said...

It's always nice to get back into the writing groove, especially after a long dry spell.

Go Marcia!

Marsha Ward said...

Woo hoo!!! You go, girl!