Monday, December 10, 2007

Final Contest Question

Here's the fifth and final question for my contest:

Avery transferred to the University of Utah from what other university?

Here are the rules again:

1-Go to my website
2-Read Chapter 1 of Reasonable Doubt which is available when you click on "My Books."
3-Look for the answer.
4-Post the correct answer on the comments. If you do not have a blogger account, you can just write your name under your comment and click on the anonymous button.
5-I will take the first two comments. If yours is the first comment, you just have to give the correct answer. As the second comment, you have to tell me what page you found the answer on. You will be entered into a drawing to win one of my novels.

I will announce the winners when this question is answered. Thanks for playing. Good luck.


Karlene said...

Weber State

Rebecca Talley said...

Oh, man, Karlene beat me to it. My computer had a hard time downloading the file--it's a little flaky today. Anyway, it's on page 9, Weber State.

Rebecca Talley said...

It sounds very intriguing--I want to read it! (And we have the same editor).