Friday, December 21, 2007

Tagged Again

I was tagged again. This time by Josi Kilpack and it's 12 Random Things About Christmas.

1. Growing up, we always opened our presents on Christmas Eve. We stayed up late, and then opened them at midnight. The next morning, we just slept in. For me Christmas was always Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day. We had to make a few compromises when Nolan and I got married. Our kids now open Grandma & Grandpa presents on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day.

2. I've never done the Santa Clause thing with my kids. They've always known it's us who buy the presents. I've never liked the whole pretend Santa brings the presents thing.

3. I hate those huge inflatable things that people put in their front yards, especially the Santa Claus riding on the Harley.

4. My husband and I don't exchange Christmas gifts. We never have. It's such a nice Christmas not to have to worry about what to buy each other. No stress; it's easier to enjoy Christmas that way.

5. When I was little, my dad would always buy a real tree and spray it down with loads of that fake snow. My mom hated that stuff; it would get over all the ornaments. A few years ago, she made him stop doing that. He still gets a real tree every year. We have an artificial tree we use every year. It's so nice.

6. I love nativity sets at Christmas time.

7. I love wrapping presents. It's one of my favorite things.

8. My birthday is on December 19, so it always just got shoved in with Christmas. Often, I would get just one present for both. I don't mind; I guess I'm used to it.

9. I love Christmas caroling.

10. I hate wearing red on Christmas.

11. I miss going to Rockefeller Center in New York City to see the tree like I used to when I lived in New Jersey.


Now, I tag-- Tami Tamra Norton Rebecca Talley


Holly said...

Hey, I hate those inflatable decorations too! Happy Birthday a couple of days late! Mine is the 15th.

Tamster said...

I think I know why Holly got the name she did!
Happy Birthday, Marcia! I feel bad that I forgot. You would think I would have remembered that we both had the Christmas birthday thing. In case you forgot mine too, it's the 23rd, Sunday, hence my middle name, Joy! Well, anyway, I hope you had a nice birthday!
I guess I'll have to get thinking--12 things about Christmas! I hope it's easier than it sounds. So when I'm done, I just tag 3 people to do it next, put their names in the post, and tell them in a comment on their blogs that they've been tagged?
Okay, I'll start thinking! :-) Tami

Rebecca Talley said...

I'll get to my list, too. Hmmmm . .

Oh, and Happy Birthday to you and Tami!

Marcia Mickelson said...

Holly-hope you had a good birthday

Tami-Happy Birthday in a few days

Tamster said...

Thank you! :-)