Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Aren't Moms Wonderful?

It's been a busy past couple of days for me. Needless to say, I haven't gotten much writing done and have gone 5 days without meeting my goal of writing for 1 1/2 hours. Yes, that was probably an overzelous goal, but I didn't even come close those days. Here are my excuses:

On Friday, we went to Corpus Christi to visit friends and for my husband to look into a job opportunity. We had a great trip and the opportunity is really good.

Saturday, we went to Cole Park in Corpus Christi and the kids had such a fun day. It was 70 degrees and felt like summer. The park is on the shore of the beach. It was so beautiful. I walked out on the pier with my 2 year old who loved the waves. We drove back home.

On Sunday, we started afternoon church, so by the time we get back home at 4:30 the day is practically over.

On Monday, there was cleaning up to do from being away and lots of laundry and unpacking. I was exhausted by Monday night and just wanted to curl up with a book. No writing.

On Tuesday, I had an appointment with a doctor for my son who has Asperger's. Here is where I will digress a little as I rant a little. The doctor is a developmental pediatrician. She keeps a dog in her office. That's just weird. She says it's so the kids feel comfortable. Okay, maybe. But does it have to sit on the couch next to me with his legs in the air showing it off? Sorry, I don't like dogs. I know, I'm mean. And, I swear there was another dog roaming the halls too.

She also recommended my 8 year old to go on Prozac. I really don't think so. I know this drug works for a lot of people and kids, but he's not even severe. He's mostly just a little odd, but he doesn't need medication like that. I think she just prescribed medication to all the kids that come in there whether they really need it or not. Some do, but he needs social skills therapy and occupational therapy, not Prozac. Last of all, she hasn't even met him. Someone else in the office did all the testing and when I came back with to meet with her, they said he didn't need to come. How can she prescribe him Prozac without even having met him? I think we'll take the evaluation she's writing and just find him some good therapy and say no to the medication for now. Perhaps some day he'll need it, but not now before we've tried other kinds of intervention.

Later that evening, I took my son to Scouts at the Church and I went to an activity for the 8-12 year old girls at Church. That went well and then back home where my parents were coming to watch my kids so my husband and I could go back to church for quick interviews. My parents are great. (They'd already watched my baby part of the afternoon and picked up the other two while I met with the dog-loving Dr.)

Anyway, to get to the point of my blog... When the kids were finally in bed that night and I went to do the sinkful of dishes I left earlier that evening, the clean dishes were already put away and all the dirty ones were in the dishwasher. My sink, counter, and table were all clean. Aren't Moms wonderful? She had done all that while they were babysitting. I love my mom and dad too. They're great.

So, no I haven't done my writing these days, but I 'm starting up tonight. I have to get that thing finished!!


Holly said...

Moms are great! Good luck with the writing!!

Ajoy said...

I'm pooped out from reading this, Marcia!

I know how it goes with Doctors just doing whatever they feel is right with hardly any knowledge of a said patient. grrrr I'm with ya on this one...take a second look around. Therepy sounds much less evasive.

Good luck on starting up on BIAM tonight :) Better late then never-huh?

Tamster said...

Marcia, when did you find out about the Asperger's? I have 2 nephews with it and a cousin whose son has it. If you need any info., ideas, help, whatever, let me know. I'm sure they'd be happy to pass along knowledge they've gained from going through it all. My sister's son was diagnosed as a child, but he is now about 27. I don't think he ever used meds., but I can't guarantee that; I could find out for you. My brother's son wasn't even diagnosed until a couple of years ago, if that, and he's a teenager, so he hasn't used meds., I'm quite certain. My cousin's boy is just barely 5, and I don't think he's on meds., but again I'd have to check with her to be sure. All I'm saying is, I agree there's got to be a better way. I don't think I've even heard of Prozac being used for Asperger's. It does sound like that doc is a little too drug happy. I think I might try to find another doc if I were you. Anyway, let me know if you want me to find out more info. for you. Maybe I'll give you a call (I've been wanting to do that sometime anyway; this is just a good excuse), and we can talk about it all.
Good luck! :-) Tami

Marcia Mickelson said...

Thanks guys for your comments. Actually, I don't think I'm going to do much writing for a few weeks. We're moving to Corpus Christi as soon as we can sell our house and buy a new one, so writing might have to wait. And, we will be looking for a new doctor once we move. Tami- wow. Thats a lot of family members with Aspergers. My 8 year old was diagnoses about 1.5 year ago, but we've felt like he had it long before that.

Rebecca Talley said...

A woman in my ward has two sons (18and 19) who've both been diagnosed with Asperger's and she's convinced they contracted it from immunizations. Anyway, I don't think they're on meds. I personally think too many doctors prescribe medication way too fast. I'd definitely look into therapy and alternative ways to treat him before resorting to meds. And, yes, the dog thing is a little strange--would've thrown me a bit.

Sounds like you've been super busy. Sometimes, writing just has to take a back seat to life.

And what a super cool mom!

Good luck with the move.

Janette Rallison said...

What a great Mom!

My friend's son has Asperger's too and he's not on any medication and doing fine. You're his mom and know him best so I'd go with what you feel is right. That's what moms are for.

Tamster said...

Amen to what Janette said!
I don't immunize my kids, and that's one of the reasons why. All of the family members who have Asperger's were immunized. Certainly, I cannot prove that has anything to do with it, but I don't want to take any chances. If the genetic disposition is there, the immunizations can act as a catalyst, from what I understand. In other words, immunizations in and of themselves don't necessarily cause it; they just spur it on if there is anything already there to spur on, if that makes any sense. In any case, if I were you, I would no longer immunize any of your kids (assuming you have been), but that's just me. Again, I agree whole-heartedly with what Janette said! My sister said if she had it to do all over again she wouldn't have changed a thing because she feels like Asperger's is part of what has made her son who he is today. My cousin feels like she'd rather risk Asperger's than risk the diseases the immunizations are preventing (although I think she does pick and choose which shots to do). My husband was not immunized as a child, and I was; we both turned out okay--relatively speaking. ;-) Hehehehe! We hesitated about immunizing because his mom has had such strong feelings about it, but as soon as I found out the second nephew had it, my mind was completely made up. Then I found out about my cousin's kid, and that just cemented it further. I'd rather not take a chance.
Anyway, good luck with the move and everything. Wow! What's this job Nolan got? Congrats to Nolan! Keep us posted on everything! :-)

Kelly Family said...

Mom's are great! This is a great motivator to get writing myself. I don't understand dog's in dr. offices...I wouldn't appretiate it.

Have you looked into ABA therapy for your son?

Kelly Family said...

FYI I am Tami's sister in law...

Marcia Mickelson said...

It's amazing to see how many people know someone with Asperger's. Hi Tami's sister in law. I haven't looked into ABA yet. I've heard about it. Right now my main concern in social interactions with peers, so we're going to look into a social skills group.