Monday, January 21, 2008

Forget About It

I'm participating in a Winter Reading Challenge, and so far, I'm not doing very well on my reading. I've recently finished Forget About It by Caprice Crane. It's a Chick-Lit book about Jordan, a woman who gets walked on by her boss, her boyfriend, and her family. She wants to reinvent her life and so she fakes having amnesia. As her new self, she's assertive and takes charge of her life. She gets a promotion and a new boyfriend.

At first, I really enjoyed this novel and read it quickly. Toward the end, it lagged a bit for me and I lost interest a little. I found it humorous and liked it overall. I would have liked it better if it had kept its pace throughout the entire novel. You'll enjoy this funny novel, but watch out for a curse word here and there.

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Holly said...

Sometimes a light, chick-lit is good. I'll add this one to my Goodreads list!