Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Was Going to Write Today, Really

I really, really was going to write today. I haven't written or edited in two months. I've been quite busily reading for the upcoming Whitney Awards. I voted today for the award, so I'm putting reading aside for a few weeks as I catch up on editing my work in progress.

My two year old naps about 99 % of the time. I can count on 2 free hours almost every day. (except for Sunday now that we have church at 1:00) But during the week, I can count on it. However, I hardly ever write during that time. I usually do other things--eat lunch, catch up on e-mail, phone calls, laundry, dishes, etc. But today, I was going to write. I didn't.

It seems every time (which is rarely) that I decide I'm going to write during naptime, my baby decides otherwise. He did not take a nap. That's okay, though. That just allows me to continue to put off writing some more. Instead, we took a walk around the neighborhood in beautiful 70's weather and we were able to walk to pick up the boys from school. We hardly ever get to walk because Baby usually sleeps until I just have a few minutes before I have to pick them up.

So, let's see when can I carve out some time for writing? Not tonight. It's American Idol. Tomorrow, during naptime? Don't think so. My 8 year old is sick and will probably stay home tomorrow. When the others are here during naptime, it just doesn't have the same meaning.


Amanda said...

So did you enjoy American Idol? I try to exercise during that show, it's a solid several times a week exercise period if I stick with it, and in the last two years I've been pretty good. Not doing so well so far this year though.

Marcia Mickelson said...

Amanda--you're so good to exercise while you watch. That's way better than eating 3 chocolate chip cookies while you watch which is what I was doing. I haven't been to Comanche to run since I saw you last. I hope to make it at least once this week.

Tamster said...

Good luck with the writing. I know what you mean about nap time getting occupied with other things than what you plan. Or basically just having way too many things to do with too short an amount of time. I can't get my baby on a consistent schedule. And my 3 year old doesn't nap anymore. At least my oldest is in school now, so that helps some. Good luck! :0)