Monday, February 11, 2008


I don't like to run. I don't like to exercise, but I know it's good for you and all that junk. Exercise equipment in my house gets used to hang clothes on. Gyms are too expensive, and I know my 2 year old would hate the daycare. He's just barely getting used to nursery without growling at the nursery leaders every time they talk to him. My parents found a jogging stroller at a garage sale, so the past few weeks, I've been giving it a try.

So far, so good, even though I hate running. My 2 year old has been a great sport about it. We've been going to Comanche Park where they have great hiking trails. We park at one entrance of the park and jog to the other where he is rewarded with a great playground. There, we hang out for 45 minutes or so as he plays around and I rest from the run. Or, I follow him around as he commands. "C'mon, mom. I show you." We go down the slide together; he doesn't like doing it by himself. After I've sufficiently rested, we jog back to the car through the trails. We've really been enjoying our mornings.

There are a few problems, though: I keep getting lost within the trails. I have a terrible sense of direction and I end up all over the place, having to ask everyone I see where the playground is. Sometimes, I wander down the path to see where it takes me. The other thing is that it's hard to run with rocks in your pockets. Why am I running with rocks in my pockets, you may ask? Well, they aren't actually rocks, but that's how my thighs feel when I run. Maybe if I keep up with the running, the rocks will go away.


Tamster said...

Wow, Marcia! Good for you! I hate running, too, but I admire those who do it. So you have won my admiration! Way to go! Keep up the good work. I'm sure those rocks will fall out of your pockets while you're running, and you won't even notice it happening. You'll just be running one day and suddenly realize the rocks are gone! (Great analogy, by the way. Clever!) :-)
Hey, so when are you moving?

Holly said...

You're my hero. I hyperventilate at the thought of aerobics and running would do me in. When it comes to exercise, I'm pathetic.

Josi said...

I have a love/hate thing with running too. I hate it, but I hate it less than most other exercise so it wins by default--at least it used to when there wasn't two feet of snow on the ground. I'm actually looking forward to spring when I can run outside again. Way to go!