Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sixties Night? What the Heck?

Why would American Idol choose Sixties Night? They talk about wanting the contestants to prove they can perform in today's market. No offense against the Sixties, but that's lame. Anyway, here are my favorites out of the men who performed tonight--A Michael, 3 Davids, and a Danny. I know that 5 is too many to be favorites, but I liked these guys.

Michael Johns is such a natural performer. I'm eager to see more from him. I think he has the best chance of winning.

Danny Noriega's performance was not very good. In fact, I think Simon called it grotesque, but I still like him and hope he'll do better in the weeks to come.

David Archuleta is such a cutie. He's got a great voice and is such a likeable guy.

I would really like to see David Castro stick around. I hope he does a lot better and sticks around.

I really, really liked David Cook's performance.

I think Jason Castro has the potential to really grown on me as well. My prediction for who's going home-- Chikeze and the Yeager guy.


Tamster said...

I have to say that since we have no tv reception I'm pretty clueless about all of this. I did read somewhere though that there are 2 LDS singers who made the last cut, and I think David Archuleta is one of them. The other I think is a girl. Anyway, have fun watching it. :-)

Amanda said...

I know Brooke is one of the LDS people who made it, at least she sounded LDS when she talked in her initial audition. She's one of my two favs for the girls. As for the guys, I liked Michael Johns, David Cook, David Archuleta, and...oh, I can't remember his names, I'm so bad with name, but he's the guy with the dreadlocks. I didn't know anything about the dreadlock guy until last night, that's probably why I can't remember his name. David Hernandez isn't bad, but i didn't like his performance last night, and I really, really dislike Danny Noriega, haha! I hope he goes, but i think he'll be around for awhile. I could also do without Chikezie and Garett. The "forgettable" guy, Luke Menard I think is his name, I'd like to see come back and try again.

Can't wait to see the girls tonight!

Karlene said...

I normally don't watch American Idol. I used to but the magic has faded. I did watch it last night, however. Got the flu and nothing else was on TV.

I liked Michael Johns and Robbie Carrico.

Josi said...

I missed mens night but I'm rather bored with ladies night. I'm such a slow-boater though--I tend to not like any of them until the last 12 or so. Maybe I just don't want to waste my energy.

Unknown said...

You don't like sixties night? I'm not a big sixties music person, but I don't know that the music is dated per se. Amanda had the same argument, but then you look at some of those performances and the were very contempo. And the sixties do have a pretty wide diaspora of music: Everything from go-go to motown to hippies to bossa nova to the seminal days of modern rock to... I dont' neccesarily like the 60's, but they're certainly diverse. What would you sing? I'd probably do Girl From Ipanema, or House of the Rising Sun - that would be a fun song to sing on stage! I'd butcher it of course, and get kicked off, but it'd be great fun :).

Marcia Mickelson said...

Tami- No TV reception? We don't have cable, but we have a rabbit ear antenae which shows Fox channel very well.

Amanda- I can see how you would dislike Danny

Karlene- Hope you feel better soon. I really like Michael Johns too.

Josi- the first part of ladies night was boring, it got a little better toward the end.

Jason- I don't even think I can think of a sixties song; I'm a bit clueless about music, especially anything pre-80's, except for the Beatles who I love

Tamster said...

I think the Beatles were 60s, weren't they? (I guess if I have to ask, I'm not very good at this either.)
We've tried the antennae thing here, but we get NOTHING, not one single bit of fuzz even. We're just too much in the middle of nowhere, I guess. And actually, from what I understand, soon things will be changing so that analog is not available, which I believe is what the antennae uses, so that won't work anymore anyway (if I understand correctly). :-( It's kind of stinky, but then maybe it's just as well that we don't get any reception because we watch too many movies and stuff already as it is; it would just be worse with the TV reception, and we'd be watching worse stuff. Enjoy! :-)
Hey, when are you moving? You didn't already, did you? :-)