Friday, April 11, 2008

100th Post

This is my 100th post and as is the tradition, here are 100 things about me. Sorry it is so long.

  1. I was born in Guatemala and came to the U.S. when I was a few months old.
  2. I’ve lived in New Jersey (4 cities), Louisiana (New Orleans), Utah (3 cities), and Texas (2 cities).
  3. I had my ears pieced when I was a baby.
  4. I have one older sister.
  5. Both my parents were born in Guatemala. Most of their family members have now immigrated to the U.S., but there are still a few back home.
  6. I haven’t been back in over 25 years.
  7. I hated high school.
  8. I would have loved to be home schooled during high school, but it wasn’t such a big thing back then.
  9. I would never go to a high school reunion.
  10. I loved college. I still miss it sometimes.
  11. I read the Autobiography of Malcolm X in college. A great book. Best book ever. I highly recommend it.
  12. I was so obsessed with Malcolm X for a long time. I read all the books about him that I could get my hands on.
  13. I drew block letter X’s everywhere.
  14. I celebrated his birthday by sending cards with his picture on it to all my friends. Weird, I know.
  15. One summer, I made my parents take me to an upstate New York cemetery to look for Malcolm X’s grave. I didn’t find it.
  16. Someone stole my Malcolm X picture from my apartment. I have no idea where it went.
    I now have a new one.
  17. I still have my Malcolm X hat.
  18. I was big time into baseball when I was little.
  19. I loved the New York Mets and watched all their games.
  20. I still have my 1986 Gary Carter t-shirt to prove it. I still wear it too.
  21. When I went to BYU, I stopped watching baseball. I didn’t have a TV and you don’t get the Mets games in Provo.
  22. My husband loves the Yankees. Despite the rivalry between the teams, I started liking the Yankees too, mostly due to Derek Jeter.
  23. My husband proposed to me at a Salt Lake Buzz game. The proposal was on the scoreboard and the announcer asked the question over the loudspeaker.
  24. We planned our honeymoon around baseball games so we could watch a Mets and a Yankees game.
  25. I don’t watch baseball anymore. Sorry, honey.
  26. Kids and writing have taken over. No time for baseball.
  27. My husband still loves baseball.
  28. I can’t even tell you the name of one Mets player.
  29. In college, I was a big time NBA fan.
  30. I loved the Knicks in the old Patrick Ewing/ John Starks day.
  31. I even did Fantasy Basketball, and that was before the days of fantasy sports on the Internet.
  32. My husband and I used to figure out all the stats from the newspaper. (before kids)
  33. I was also a Minnesota Timberwolves fan in their early days, mostly due to Christian Laettner. I just found my Christian Laettner basketball card the other day.
  34. I don’t like the Utah Jazz and got a hard time when I lived in Utah. Why don’t I like the Jazz? Everyone would ask. Because I’m not from here!
  35. I went to a lot of Jazz games, but only to watch the teams we liked (and root against the Jazz).
  36. My husband was an intern for a sports radio station in Salt Lake and we got free tickets sometimes.
  37. Once I wore my Knicks hat to a promotion the radio station was doing. I don’t think they liked that. David Locke (if anyone remembers him) talked about it on the radio the next day—how the intern’s wife is a Knicks fan, and not a Jazz fan.
  38. It was tough when we went to see the Bulls and Jazz in the playoffs because I hate both teams, but hey the tickets were free.
  39. John Stockton once cut me off when making a right turn in front of me near the Delta Center.
  40. I don’t like the NBA anymore. (Kids and writing have taken precedence over sports)
  41. I can’t even tell you one player on the Knicks or the Timberwolves.
  42. I used to get excited for March Madness and filled out the sheets.
  43. I filled out a sheet this year, but didn’t even keep track of it.
  44. I didn’t even watch 2 minutes of March Madness this year. Sorry, honey.
  45. I’m not much of a sports fan anymore.
  46. My favorite shows ever are: Friends, The Office, Seinfeld. Funny!
  47. I went to Tom’s Restaurant in New York City, which provides the background for Seinfeld’s diner. They have awesome chocolate cake.
  48. I miss living in New Jersey because I miss going to New York City.
  49. New York City is the best place. I love the noise, the traffic, the smell, the amazing array of languages you hear when you walk down the street.
  50. I really want to take my kids there again one day soon.
  51. I love Jane Austen.
  52. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite novel and movie.
  53. I’m so bad at music. I tried taking piano, but I just don’t get it. I really wish I did because I would love to play an instrument or be able to sing.
  54. I don’t even know what ‘pitchy’ means or why sometimes people blow on those little things to find a note. I have no idea what that does for them. It makes no sense to me. I hope my kids don’t inherit my complete ignorance of music.
  55. I love to sing, but I know I’m horrible at it.
  56. I sang to my kids when they were babies and would tolerate it.
  57. I once lived in an old apartment on the third floor and you could hear through the floors. My downstairs neighbor once yelled up to me when I was signing my baby to sleep. She told me to stop singing because I was horrible at it. I didn’t like her. She was mean to her kid. I could always hear her yelling at him. I stopped singing for a while after that until we bought a house and no one could hear me anymore.
  58. I have 3 boys.
  59. Picking out names for them was tough because we wanted names that sounded the same in English and Spanish.
  60. We picked Omar, Diego, and Ruben. They are pronounced the same in both languages, with only a slightly different accent to each of them.
  61. I hate to cook.
  62. In college, my sister and I were roommates. We had a great agreement. She would cook and I would do the dishes.
  63. It worked really well until she went vegan and then she got married, and I was on my own.
  64. I have weird taste in movies. If it’s a bigtime blockbuster, I probably haven’t seen it. I’ve never seen any Lord of the Rings, Harry Potters, Shreks, National Treasure, (pretty much anything that grosses over 100 mil, except kid movies.)
  65. I was baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when I was 14 years old.
  66. I love serving in the Primary of our Church. I’m going on over 5 years now and hope to never stop.
  67. I love kids. Kids are awesome.
  68. I hate running, but I’m trying to do it 2-3 times a week with my 2 year old in a jogging stroller.
  69. I eat a Turkey and baby spinach sandwich on honey wheat bread almost every day.
  70. I was big into Bon Jovi growing up—old time Bon Jovi, not so much the new stuff. Jersey girl all the way.
  71. I have weird music taste; it’s really random. My favorites are (old) Bon Jovi, Lisa Loeb, and the Beatles. Throw in a little U2 & Madonna-her older stuff.
  72. I love chocolate chip cookies. (I happen to be eating them right now)
  73. My husband won a trivia contest on a sport radio station and won an all-expenses paid trip to watch BYU play in the Cotton Bowl. That was such an awesome trip (and totally free.)
  74. I have never bought myself a brand new movie DVD. I bought one from the clearance shelf of Hollywood Video once because it was $5, only $1 more than a rental. It was the LDS Pride & Prejudice.
  75. I love playing outside with my kids.
  76. I love making train tracks for my kids—wooden ones are my favorite, but Fisher Price’s GeoTrax is also a favorite at our house.
  77. I like playing Scrabble with my 8 year old.
  78. I’m very strict about the nighttime routine for my kids.
  79. We have story time almost every night.
  80. I’ve always wanted to go to France.
  81. I took 5+ years of French, but don’t speak it fluently.
  82. I’ve gotten stuck at a railroad crossing on purpose before. My kids have always loved trains and I would wait for the train to come and then get stuck so we could watch the train go by.
  83. I have naturally curly hair, which I really dislike, so I usually try to straighten it with a blow dryer.
  84. I love watching Charlie Brown videos with my kids. My favorite is the Thanksgiving one.
  85. At BYU, I used to sign up to be an usher at plays. So I got to see a lot of plays for free. I usually missed the first five minutes of each one, but hey it was free.
  86. My favorite Broadway play is Aida. Oh, what a great story and the soundtrack is amazing.
  87. When I was a teenager, I thought wearing glasses was so cool. I really wanted glasses.
  88. When I was 25, I actually needed glasses. I still think glasses are cool and I love to wear mine. I don’t like contact lenses.
  89. My husband and I first saw each other at a BYU men’s volleyball game and met later that night at a BYU dance.
  90. I’m obsessive about having my toenails painted all the time.
  91. Right now I am reading John Elder Robinson's Look Me In the Eye.
  92. I have a phobia of animals. I get scared of their rapid movements. I'm extremely scared of stray dogs and I just don't like cats in general.
  93. At BYU, there was a stray cat that used to sneak into our apartment. My roommates liked to play with it. I wouldn't touch it. When it sneaked into our apartment and they weren't home, I used to have to get my neighbor, Tami, to come get it out because I couldn't bring myself to even touch it.
  94. I love children's books. Before I had kids, I was so anxious to have kids just for the books. There are so many other great reasons to have kids besides the books, by the way. That's just a fun benefit.
  95. I watched way too much TV growing up. We don't have cable and we get a lot done. If I had cable, I could probably find something to watch every second. I think we stay without cable.
  96. I've tried gardening and would love to have a great big vegetable garden, but I found out I'm really bad at it. I'll be buying vegetables at the store for a long time.
  97. My 8 year old is so good with maps. He helps me find my way around town because I get lost a lot. He could tell you how to get almost anywhere in San Antonio.
  98. My 5 year old loves trains. Anytime we go see a movie or rent a DVD, his first question is: "Does it have a train?" Surprisingly, a lot of them do.
  99. My 2 year old is fabulous and fun. My favorite saying right now is when he tastes something delicious, he say: "Mmm. That's a good."
  100. I'm sorry this post is so long.


Amanda said...

Marcia, I have four comments:
1) I want to see what your hair looks like curly.
2) The toenail thing made me smile. I'm not sure if I've ever painted my toenails.
3) I liked old-school Madonna, too.
4) And you're right, NYC is one of the best places on earth. I also can't wait to go back one day and I hope to get to take my kids. Staying at the international hostel, where everyone was speaking different languages, was so much fun.

Tamster said...

That was fun to read. I learned a few new things about you and was reminded of others. I'd forgotten all about the cat thing. I'm still trying to remember it--maybe very vaguely. You didn't tell about the other Malcom X thing you got ... oh, maybe you didn't tell that on purpose! ;-) I do remember you were pretty obsessed with him. I've still never seen the movie, though I've thought of you any time I've seen his name anywhere.
Fun post! Thanks! :-)

Marcia Mickelson said...

Amanda, I haven't done my hair this whole week. I've been so into writing, so I have big time curly hair right now. I forsee having very curly hair all next week too. I just haven't wanted to take the time to straighten it.

Tami-Oh, yeah that other Malcolm X thing. I still have that. Maybe I'll talk about it on my 200th post! And I could never forget the cat thing.

Rebecca Talley said...

I'm still in shock that your neighbor told you to stop singing to your kids. How rude.

I can't sing, but loved serving as the Primary chorister. Primary rocks!

This was fun getting to know you better.

Amanda said...

Hmm...curly hair all week next week? Maybe I'll show up unexpectedly one morning, haha!

Nah, I probably won't, don't worry.

Julie said...

This a cool post and you are one amazing person!
We have some things in common: I don't like contacts either so I've been wearing glasses since I was 5 and I like it that way, I always want to garden but I'm bad at it too, I liked old school Madonna, Bon Jovi and the Beatles, I like children's books, children and Primary too.
That's all I can think of now.
Very fun!

Don said...

Thanks for posting these. I love learning a little about everyone else's story.

Marsha Ward said...

Hi Marcia,

It's great to learn more about you.

#54: Pitchy means someone is singing slightly off the notes--either higher or lower than the actual notes should be.

People blow into a pitchpipe to get the right note--for them--for starting the song. This is because songs have a certain range of notes: how high and how low they go. If a person just starts off anywhere, they might find out in the middle of the song that they are going to have to attempt to sing notes that are too low or too high for them to reach comfortably.

This doesn't mean a song can only be sung in one key (starting on one particular note). Many songs are written/transposed into a variety of keys to suit the different ranges of solo voices.

When a choir or a quartet sings a song, though, it's important to find the right beginning note so none of the voices are straining at the high or low notes. Hence, the use of the pitchpipe.

I hope this helps you understand a little about the quirks of music performance.

S+S said...

That was such a fun post to read! Thanks for sharing a little bit of Marcia with me!

Janet Kay Jensen said...

What a fun read! I have read Look Me In the Eyes and it's fascinating. I would never have guessed you have naturally curly hair. I, of course, always wanted naturally curly hair. And I got the straightest hair in the world. I loved the originality and unpredictibility of your responses. Would love to spend some more time with you!

Liz said...

Hi Marcia,
I just stumbled across your blog and really like what i've read! your style is awesome. really like malcom x too. quoted him actually when i was asked to give a talk at a baptism.
so glad i found your blog, hope you don't mind, but i'll be visiting it often!