Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wacky, Wild Seven

Well, Josi Kilpack, Stacy Gooch Anderson, and Janet Kay Jensen all tagged me for this 7 Things Tag, so I have to tell you 7 wild & wacky things about me. I just did my 100th post and posted 100 things about me, so it was hard to come up with 7 more, but here they are. I'm not sure how wild & wacky they are.

1. I once took a class at BYU and had Patti Edwards (BYU Football coach, Lavell Edward's wife) in my class. She was such a cute woman. It was the best class offered at BYU- African American Experience in America.

2. I screw up really easy recipes. I once messed up cookies that someone gave me a mix and all I had to do was add eggs & butter. Well, I messed it up. I've also screwed up rice krispy treats. Really. No one would eat them. If it isn't in a tub and all I have to do is scoop spoonfuls onto a cookie sheet, chances are I won't make it. My poor 6 year old has been asking for those chocolate, peanut butter squares he had at someone's baptism like a year ago. I keep telling him I'll make them for him because he loves them. Poor kid. One day, maybe...

3. I once pulled an overnighter at a Blackjack table and won about $800. That was a long time ago when I was young and stupid. Decades ago. Okay, just one decade. Don't judge me. I haven't been near a Blackjack table in a long time. I just told you 100 things about me, I couldn't think of any more, just the bad little ones. Stop judging me, I said. I can still feel you judging me.

4. I don't like to wear t-shirts. I only wear them to bed or running. Once in a while, I'll wear a t-shirt if everything else is dirty, and my kids will ask why I'm still in my pajamas. They hardly ever see me in t-shirts, except to bed.

5. After I graduated from BYU, I worked for this cool organization called Centro de La Familia in Salt Lake. I ran a foster care program by recruiting & training foster parents and placing children in their homes. I loved that job. I hated the commute from Ogden every day. My husband was going to Weber State at the time. It was so sweet when we finally moved to Salt Lake and I was only 5 minutes away from work.

6. My husband and I went to a Lisa Loeb concert once. You know, she's the one that always wears the glasses. Well, during a quiet moment, my husband yelled out, "hey, take off your glasses, and she yelled back, "hey, take off your pants!" It was funny.

7. In college, my husband bought a motorcycle. It was orange, and we called it Orangina. I loved that thing. We would ride it everywhere. We once rode it to Idaho, about a 4 hour trip, and my bottom was hurting when we got there. We sold it when we moved to NJ and here in Texas, he bought a new one. We still love it, but hardly go for rides anymore. Can't fit car seats on it.

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Tamster said...

I'm not judging you, honest... anymore... really... I'm not... Stop worrying... It's not THAT bad! You repented... you don't do it anymore... you evil woman, you... oh, wait, that's right, I'm not judging you... honest... ;-)

You know I'm teasing, right?! Hey, at least you won $800 from it. And you still ended your gambling days despite the fact that you won; that's pretty good. Or maybe that's why you quit; you already won and didn't need to keep trying. You always were a good card player! :-)

Oh, heck! Wouldn't it be fun to play that again? Maybe some Hearts? It's been awhile, Marcia! :-)

I enjoyed your post. I'm not sure I have anything wacky or wild to tell about myself, but eventually I'll come up with something. Maybe I'll have to go do something wacky or wild so that I'll have something to post about! :-)

RC3W said...

Very fun to read! Ummm...I'm not sure how to "tag" a blogger??? I'm such a novice!!! I'll do it though if ya tell me how? Great to hear from you! Renaye

Rebecca Talley said...

I love to read these--it's fun to learn things about people.

I once misread a cookie recipe and added way too much salt. I was in high school and even handed them all out to people before I realized they were absolutely disgusting. I'm still embarrassed.

Don said...

C'mon, Marcia. Hire a sitter and take the bike out for a spin. It's spring in Texas!

I kinda sorta wish I still had mine. But I finally had to sell it, primarily because of the no car seats thing.