Monday, May 12, 2008

The Super Trio

Matthew Buckley, author of Chickens in the Headlights and Bullies in the Headlights, has a new book that you can listen to online for free.

It is called The Super Trio and you can listen to it by going to My eight year old and I listened to it on Saturday with the intention of just listening to the first chapter before bedtime. However, Buckley hooked us into listening to the second chapter. We just had to keep listening to find out what happened. Then, we just had to listen to the third chapter.

There are four chapters currently available, and he will be adding more. It is the story of a family of superheroes and begins with the 10th birthday of twin brothers who are anticipating the arrival of their super power. My son has enjoyed listening to this story. I recommend you check it out.

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Matthew Buckley said...

Marcia, I'm glad you liked the chapters so far. Thanks for listening!