Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 21, 1994 Contest

That is the day I was married--July 21, 1994 and to help celebrate my upcoming anniversary, I am doing a contest.

First, let me tell you about an important event that led up to that date. It is about the all-important proposal. In May 1994, Nolan, my now-husband, then-boyfriend invited me to a Salt Lake City Buzz baseball game. We went as a group with several of his friends. Nolan was acting a little strangely, somewhat nervously and I was wondering what was up. When we reached the stadium, I told him I had to go to the bathroom and I would meet everyone at our seats. He got really weird then because he was about to say that he had to go to the bathroom. Anyway, we went to our seats to enjoy the game. One of his friends kept making silly comments about whether I felt as lucky as a Golden Nugget. Earlier in the day, the Denver Golden Nuggets had upset the Seattle Supersonics in the basketball playoffs. I didn't really get his joke, but whatever.

During the Seventh Inning stretch, the announcer spoke over the loudspeaker and said: "Marcia Argueta, Nolan Mickelson wants to know if you will marry him." The words were also written on the scoreboard. I have to say that it was completely out of left field for me. I was not even thinking about marriage at the time. I was ecstatic though. I quickly said "of course." It was, in my mind, the best proposal ever. Well-thought out, perfectly-executed, hugely romantic for a couple of baseball fans that we were. He is, in my opinion, the all-time king of marriage proposals.

So, here is where the contest part comes in. In the comments, leave a short message telling me about your marriage proposal & how it happened. If you are not married, tell me about your dream/fantasy proposal. I will then enter all the comments into a drawing and pick a winner. Post all comments by July 20, 2008 and I will draw the name on my anniversary--July 21.

The winner will receive one of my books, their choice. And, if you already have both of my books, which really you all should (just kidding), then I would be happy to mail it to one of your friends or family members.


Amanda said...

Hi Marcia, I love hearing about people's proposals! I think you've already heard about mine - there wasn't really a proposal at all. I was in San Antonio, Jason was in Houston, and we were talking on the phone the night before Halloween. We'd originally agreed that we were going to get married on March 15, 2002. I dont' even remember when we'd agreed on it - it was like from the moment we were together, we knew we were going to get married. It was inevitable. Jason and I never dated at all. Our first date was a couple weeks before the wedding. Anyway, we decided on the phone that we wanted to get married sooner, so one of us, can't remember which, asked the other if there were any special days coming up. We brainstormed for a bit and came up with the winter solstace, which happened to be, that year, the closest the moon would get to the earth for several hundred years. We decided on that day and went for it from there.

You don't need to enter me in the drawing, though, since I already have both your books and you already promised me a copy of One on One if it gets published. So someone else can be the lucky winner. :)

Julie said...

This is so cool to read about it. I know that I've heard the story from you before but it is so fun to see it in writing. That was quite a proposal & you deserve it, Marcia! Way to go - Nolan!
Jared had just told me that he felt things were moving a bit too fast for him. At first I was defensive, but after thinking about it carefully I felt that everything would work out so I was fine with slowing things down. It was around Christmas time and the next thing I know, Jared invites to make cookies, make gingerbread houses & go to a few Christmas concerts. On one particular outing, we weren't able to go because Jared couldn't leave the elderly man that he was caring for as a home health caretaker. So, we talked for a while on the porch and a flower van shows up. I'm wondering what is going on. The man gets out and delivers 12 dozen roses to me! I couldn't believe my eyes. Jared proposed and then I gave him a BIG kiss! Then we planned to get married in April, which is a month I adore, and so I was very happy about that.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

I always thought my proposal was kind of cool. Rick planned on taking me out to dinner and had even arranged a sitter for my kids. He came over in the morning to visit. He was consulting at the time so when he was in town he spent as much time as possible at our house.

We were sitting on the couch watching Sesame Street with my youngest daughter when suddenly he pulled me closer to him and asked me to marry him. He pulled out a beautiful ring and of course my little girl had to see the shiny diamond. She even tried it on before I did.

We still went out to dinner that night and when I asked him why he didn't stick to his original plan, he said he just couldn't wait any longer. It was extra romantic to me because he proposed with my three year old daughter sitting in his lap. He not only wanted to marry me, but he also wanted to be a father to my three kids. That meant more to me than all the diamonds in the world.

Marcia Mickelson said...

I love hearing about proposals. Thanks for sharing, ladies. That's cool about the winter solstace, Amanda. Julie-that is so romantic to have the delivery truck drive up. Stephanie-that's a great story, and I love that your little girl tried on the ring before you did. That's so classic kids.

Stephanie Abney said...
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Stephanie Abney said...

sorry - didn't proof the first comment - tried to cut it short and made no sense so sorry this is long:
Splat! A snowball hit me on the side of the head and slowly found its way down to the ground. I had just moved mid semester at BYU to be nearer my best friend and this tall skinny guy was clobbering the “new girl.” I decided then and there to stay away from him, but he turned out to be one of my FHE “brothers.” We started dating a few months later… (so much for steering clear of him). However, once we were serious, I figured he would propose and I was already accepted to the BYU Semester Abroad in Austria for Spring 1971 (tells you how OLD we are) so in April of 1970 at 7AM of all the crazy times, Jim called and said he had to talk to me. I didn’t have class until 9 and normally wouldn’t have even been dressed by 7 but for whatever reason I woke up early that day and just happened to be ready when he called. I KNEW but I also knew I had to tell him that I would marry him after I got back from Austria the following year (after all, I had studied German for 3 years in high school and one at BYU in preparation). So he drove to the empty BYU stadium (weird, I know) and let the truck just kind of idle and said nothing. Finally, I asked him what he wanted to talk about. He asked how long we’ve dated. I replied, “Four months.” He said nothing and put the truck in gear, then suddenly hit the brakes, put it in park, turned to me and said, “Will you marry me?” I had my answer all prepared but instead, I just grinned, nodded and said, “Un-huh.” We skipped classes all day, went shopping for rings and that night at FHE he slipped the ring to me in a silly game of “Button, button, who’s got the button?” ~ I thought it was an odd-shaped button that was in my closed hands, but when everyone called my name (all planned out ahead) and I tossed it up in the air and my sparkling diamond engagement ring landed in my palm I was surprised. (The clerk said it would take two weeks to get it set, but took Jim aside and said it would be ready that day). We got married that summer. I never made it to Austria and have forgotten most of my German but here we are, 38 years (in Aug.), 5 children, 14 grandchildren later… Splat, a snowball hit me on the side of my head and slowly found its way into my heart forever.

Don said...

I walked Kara to the gazebo sitting on the hill behind the Hawaii temple. We had come to this spot many times before in our courtship.

We sat and talked for a few minutes, then I got down on one knee. I closed my eyes, and stayed there on my knee for what had to be over a minute, feeling like I was going to pass out the entire time.

She nearly said "If you're going to propose, hurry up and do it," but mercifully allowed me to find the nerve on my own and ask her to marry me.

Tracy said...

My husband and I knew each other through mutual friends while in highschool. One day after tobogganing we all went to his parents house for hot chocolate and treats. He insisted that I meet his parents. I was so shy but he dragged me into the living room and jokingly said mom and dad this is my future wife. I almost died. After that we had often walked and talked just as friends during gatherings when we were with our other friends. He asked me out to a valentines dance and then we started officially dating. One night in the early spring (still kind of cold out)he came to pick me up and take me out for the evening. Holding hands as young couples in love do and walking towards the car he said "I have a warm fuzzy for you in my pocket." I put my hand in his coat pocket and felt a ring box. I was so excited I had that box out of his pocket, the ring out of the box and on my finger by the time we got in the car. I couldn't even wait for him to put it on my finger. This year will be our 25 wedding anniversary. It hasn't always been easy but he has still been giving me warm fuzzies.

Brittany Marie said...

My husband was going to drive me to my favorite temple (the Bountiful temple) to propose. We got to the 500th So. Exit when he realized the lights on the temple were off (it was late at night). So then he turned around and we went to Temple Square. We got out and walked around for only a few minutes and then we got back into his truck, which was parked on South Temple. (I was most confused) Then he spoke these (IN)FAMOUS WORDS: "My breath stinks, can you get me a mint?" as he pointed to the glove box. I opened the glove box and saw my ring sitting in its open box. The End. No seriously, that was it.

Josi said...

My husband had been home from his mission for, oh, a month. He took me to a Japanese restaurant and then explained that he hadn't been able to find a ring. He pulled a box out of his pocket with a tin foil ring and asked if that was good enough, with the promise to replace it as soon as he could. Of course I said yes. Ten minutes later the waitress came in with our food and on the tray and smack in the middle was the actual ring--I got to say yes twice!

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Bob began with, "Well, Shirley, we've been seeing each other for quite a while..."
My mind raced ahead to fill in the blank "... and I think we should start seeing other people."
My brain began forming the protest, "But, why? Don't you like spending time together?"
Then his actual sentence finished, "...and I'm wondering if you would marry me."
SINCE THIS WAS THE OPPOSITE of what I was expecting, it was like yanking my speeding brain into reverse, scattering my sentence, like broken gears, all over the place. With words scrambled up in my head, I babbled for a bit, then managed to sputter, "I don't see why not."
Bob gave me a strange look, then asked, "What kind of answer is that?"
So I folded my hands in my lap, looked him straight in the face, and said, "Yes."

Christine Thackeray said...

Hey, Marcia,

Cute premise. I've really enjoyed reading about these proposals and I think my will win for LEAST romantic. When I finished college, my parents felt I should stay home for a few months before venturing out on my brilliant career. I wanted to go to Boston and work in advertising/marketing.

Unfortunately I began dating the elder's quorum president and liked him more than I wanted. It was getting in the way of my going back east so one night after dating a few months I said to him, "Look you need marry me or drop me because I am getting too involved and have other things I need to do." I gave him to the end of the week. But the next day his grandmother died. It was devastating to him and he planned on flying home for the funeral. It was as though our conversation never even happened. Last minute he asked me if I wanted to come so I did, thinking it was probably our last time together.
After the funeral the family was sitting around and someone asked him to introduce me. He said, "This is Christine my fiance." It was news to me.

Brittany Marie said...

"I've really enjoyed reading about these proposals and I think my will win for LEAST romantic."

Christine... you have obviously not read mine. :p

Bethany said...

J and I were at Disneyland. We went on Splash Mountain. His sister was with us. After the ride was over he said "It's a family tradition that only one person gets to see the picture first and buy it." I said "Uh...Okay.". His sister and I went to a store just across the way. He came in, got down on one knee, opened the picture and smiled up at me. Turns out, he'd been carrying a big sign that said "Bethany, Will You Marry Me?" (folded up in a backpack) around all day. He held it up during the ride just as the picture was being taken. I was not expecting it then. Obviously, I said yes.

Amanda said...

Happy anniversary, you guys!