Thursday, August 21, 2008

School Clothes Shopping

We just moved to a new city and a new school. The dress code in our new school is so strict. They can only wear solid colored shirts that are navy blue, white, grey, purple, pink, or teal. That sounds almost like a uniform to me. They can wear shorts or jeans, so that least that is good. I really don't like such a strict dress code. I understand why you'd want to ban certain items, but that is too extreme.

Neither of my boys had any shirts that abide by that dress code. They have a lot of striped shirts, but they can't wear striped. So, we had to do some major clothes shopping. Luckily, Academy, a sports apparel store was loaded with uniform-type clothes that fit into the dress code. They were decently-priced, only $5.99, and we took advantage of the tax-free weekend in Texas to buy their clothes, so we shopped well.

They're all set to start school on Monday.

Friday, August 15, 2008

It Worked For Me-Laundry

Josi Kilpack wrote a post called It Worked For Me where she shares a great idea for getting kids' chores to work. She's invited readers to blog about what worked for them.

Here is something that has worked for me in doing laundry. I keep two laundry baskets in my closet-one white and one blue. The white one is for whites and the blue one is for colors. After my husband and I get dressed, we throw our dirty clothes in the appropriate basket. When it's time to do laundry, it's already sorted. I just grab the basket and throw the clothes in the washer.

I do the same with my kids. In their room, they have a blue hamper and a white laundry basket I keep under one of their beds. They know that the whites go in the laundry basket under the bed and the colors go in the hamper. They know to put away their dirty clothes right away. One of them is better than the other one. My 6 year old still needs reminders to pick his clothes up off the floor, but once he does, he knows exactly where to put them.

In my baby's closet, I keep a hamper and a blue laundry basket. The blue laundry basket is, you guessed it, for colored clothing. He's still not putting away his dirty clothes--that's mostly for my benefit, but I think he's getting ready to have that chore. He's three now.

It makes laundry so much easier. No more sorting-ever!! It's all sorted out. I just grab baskets and go. I also keep a basket in my bathroom closet for towels--towels only.

This has really worked for me.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

I finished reading Breaking Dawn today. There might be a few spoilers, if you haven't finished reading it yet. Here are my thoughts:
First, let me say that I first started reading Twilight about a year ago just to see what the big deal was. Stephenie Meyer has a way of sucking the reader in with an intriguing tale and interesting characters. I've heard all the complaints from people who don't like the series or can't see what the big deal is. I agree with some of it. Yes, Bella is immature and spoiled. Yes, Edward is controlling, and yes, Jacob is immature. Despite all their flaws, they still make for interesting characters and for fun reading. I'm not reading these books in search of morals or because I think the guys are dreamy. So, I've read each book one time and have borrowed them or checked them out of the library. I did buy Breaking Dawn because I wanted to read it right away and wouldn't be able to get it from the library soon. I don't think I'd ever reread any of them. One time is enough. Bottom line, Stephenie Meyer is a great storyteller and has created intriguing characters. She's getting a lot of flack for the choices her character makes in the books and for how she depicts Bella. She's also getting a lot of negative reviews because it ends too happily and because Bella gets everything she wants. No negative consequences for her poor choices. I say, geez, it's just a book.
So, here's my honest review. Breaking Dawn pulled me in right away. I read the first half quickly. I loved the part that was from Jacob's point of view. I thought the titles for each of his chapters were fun & creative. It was so refreshing to watch the story unfold from his point of view. That was my favorite part of the book. When it went back to Bella's point of view, I was disappointed, and those first two chapters after Jacob's part were very annoying and hard to get into. Bella was so annoying, and I stopped reading for two days. It really bothers me the book and all the secondary characters revolve around Bella. They would all give up everything for her and her baby, like their lives don't matter.
After those 2 chapters, I got back into it again. Overall, I thought it was well-written and kept me wanting to read. (Once I got past those 2 chapters) Sure, some of the things that happened were a little strange, like Jacob imprinting on the baby. But, I'm not up-in-arms about it. The ending was fine and yeah, she lived happily ever after. Fine with me. So, I give Stephenie Meyer credit for an overall enjoyable series of books and congratulations to her for her success. Sure, I recommend the book if you can get past Bella being annoying.