Friday, August 15, 2008

It Worked For Me-Laundry

Josi Kilpack wrote a post called It Worked For Me where she shares a great idea for getting kids' chores to work. She's invited readers to blog about what worked for them.

Here is something that has worked for me in doing laundry. I keep two laundry baskets in my closet-one white and one blue. The white one is for whites and the blue one is for colors. After my husband and I get dressed, we throw our dirty clothes in the appropriate basket. When it's time to do laundry, it's already sorted. I just grab the basket and throw the clothes in the washer.

I do the same with my kids. In their room, they have a blue hamper and a white laundry basket I keep under one of their beds. They know that the whites go in the laundry basket under the bed and the colors go in the hamper. They know to put away their dirty clothes right away. One of them is better than the other one. My 6 year old still needs reminders to pick his clothes up off the floor, but once he does, he knows exactly where to put them.

In my baby's closet, I keep a hamper and a blue laundry basket. The blue laundry basket is, you guessed it, for colored clothing. He's still not putting away his dirty clothes--that's mostly for my benefit, but I think he's getting ready to have that chore. He's three now.

It makes laundry so much easier. No more sorting-ever!! It's all sorted out. I just grab baskets and go. I also keep a basket in my bathroom closet for towels--towels only.

This has really worked for me.


Josi said...

That's a really great idea, Marcia. I like that it takes something that will have to be done later anyway and gets it over with quicker, and with more hands to help thank just yours. I might head to dollar tree today for a few baskets. Thanks. I've included your link on the link list on my blog.

Amanda said...

Haha, Marcia - I've totally decided against any sort of sorting. About a year ago, I just said FORGET IT and stopped sorting. Then again, my mom taught us a really complicated method of sorting - whites, light colors, dark colors, reds/yellows/oranges/purples, jeans, towels, and sheets. So every laundry day, I would make almost all those piles, and with a family of 5, it stopped being worth it. I use color safe bleach and don't wash them on hot, so there's no bleeding and i don't have to do any sorting either. :)

Stephanie Humphreys said...

What a good idea. I have my kids bring their laundry baskets to the laundry room Monday morning and sort into designated baskets - colored, white and bright. It works for us.

Brittany Marie said...

What a good idea! I'll have to remember that.

I will share a cool idea that my friend Kim does with her kids (since I don't have kids). If they leave something lying around the house, they get warned to pick it up once. If the offending article is still there after the warning, it gets taken and a Chore Note is put in its place. If they want that article back, they have to do the chore listed on the note.

Brittany Marie said...

Oh- I forgot. The Chore Notes expire within 24 hours. So if they let it expire, they get another one. It's like ticketing your kids. :p

Sandra said...

I do something kind of like this. I got those hampers that have 3 different sections and is on wheels. The one I got is canvas. I then typed up what goes in each hamper and how to wash and dry that load Whites, jeans, colored. How much laundry soap and the water and dryer settings. I then printed them out on an iron on and yep, ironed them on the seperate hamper sections.

Since my kids are old enough to help with the laundry, this helps getting it sorted and if they do a load, they know how.

Each person also has a laundry basket and the dried clothes get sorted into the proper basket and then it is their responsibility to take care of their basket before going to bed.