Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting Ready for Ike

Hurricane Ike was headed right for us on Wednesday, so we spent the whole day preparing. First, we went shopping for a drill and screws to board up windows. There were a lot of people stocking up at Wal-Mart and The Home Depot. I was very interested in looking inside the carts of others to see what they were buying. I kept thinking, do I need that? This is our first hurricane preparation/evacuation. So, I wanted to make sure we did it right.

There were a lot of people buying generators. Those were the ones, I think, that were not going to evacuate and would stay at home and could possibly lose power. There were also a lot of people buying gas cans, water, batteries. There was a huge line of 20-30 people waiting for plywood to board up their windows. Many of them were in line for over 2 hours and could likely wait 2 more hours for the plywood to be delivered. There were trucks coming from other places (San Antonio, I assume) to stock the stores in Corpus Christi. We were so lucky that the previous owner of our house already had plywood for all our windows in the garage. She was very prepared even though she'd never had to use them. We saved ourselves a lot of trouble, and I'm so grateful for her foresight. We boarded up the windows of our house with our new drill and screws. What a pain to drill into brick. It took us several hours to do that. Here's a picture of the front of our house boarded up. I kind of looks like a condemned building with the windows all boarded up like that. And, it was very dark inside. Baby was a bit scared to take a nap in his ultra-dark room, so we had to put 2 night lights in there for him. He slept good despite the annoying noise of our drill outside. It's a bit of a weird feeling hearing the drills going up the street and seeing people around you boarding up their windows too.
Then, we had to pack up the car. The schools will be closed on Thursday and Friday, so we headed to San Antonio, where my parents live and where we used to live. I was a bit worried about traffic getting out of Corpus, but it was not bad at all and an additional lane was opened. Many people are staying put in Corpus to ride out the storm, but we figured with no school, we might as well take a mini-vacation and hang out at my parents'. After all, they have cable. And, my kids get worried about storms and loud wind.

I think many other people were going to evacuate on Thursday or Friday and TXDOT was going to institute contra-flow traffic on I-37. I was curious to see how the traffic looked going the wrong way on the freeway. However, now it looks like the path of Ike has changed a bit and Corpus is not in as much danger as was thought. So, the contra-flow was cancelled, and I imagine a lot more people are going to stay put.

We're just going to enjoy our time in San Antonio. We took the kids to the park today, but they were quickly bored since there weren't too many other kids there. They're all in school here in San Antonio. Now, we just have to decide when to head back home.


Don said...

We're curious to see just what we get of Ike. When he was headed for your home, the on-land track had him coming straight for our home.

Now it looks like he'll be going more to the east, just like Gustav did. We saw the clouds from Gustav, but only got about 10 drops of rain.

Still I think I'll fill up the gas can, just in case we need the generator.

Marcia Mickelson said...

That's good you have a generator, Don. It's always good to be prepared no matter what. This storm seems like it's going to affect a large part of the state.

Amanda said...

I hope we get rain here in SA, but I'm glad your house is no longer in the direct hit path (at least as of now). We haven't done any stocking up here. We probably should but we've been a bit lazy.

btw, your new house looks cute (minus the boarded windows, of course).

Alan, Nicole, Dale, Grace, Abi said...

Hi Marcia...I am so glad that it seems to be moving. It is too bad it has to hit anywhere. Take care of yourselves.

Brittany said...

I hope you are OK! I bet that's scary to have to board up your windows!!

Julie said...

I'm glad that you were able to get prepared even though it looks like Hurricane Ike is going for Houston now. I'm glad that you could come visit & stay with your parents. I'm also glad I'll have the chance to visit with you also.
I think your house looks cute too!

S+S said...

CUTE HOUSE! I'm glad the storm didn't do any serious damage!

Tynel said...

I feel your pain. We did the same thing, only we drove all the way to Dallas- Adam has a brother there. We ended up staying the whole weekend and had a great time!

kcwatson said...

So when you get home post how it all turned out. We were thinking we might get rain here in Austin, but not even a drop came!