Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dork Diaries

My friend, Elodia Strain, recently blogged about her Dork Diaries. I loved her post, so I decided to copy her. Here is a list of why I'm such a dork, both then and now.

1. I used to wish I could get glasses even though I didn't need them. I started wearing glasses when I was 25 and I was so excited to finally get some. I just think they're cool.

2. My sister and I used to be obsessed with the soap opera, Santa Barbara. We used to tape every episode and make scrapbooks and newspapers of the soap. We used to write down dialogue and act out scenes from the soap. We especially liked throwing glasses of water at each other's faces.

3. I once turned down a date so I could stay home and write a research paper. In my defense, he called only an hour or two before the date. That's just lame. I'm not saying yes to that.

4. I took extra semesters of foreign language in high school after I had already met the requirement, just for fun.

5. I played with Barbies until I was 16.

6. I was so into Air Supply when I was in high school. I even went to one of their concerts. Don't get me started on New Kids on the Block.

1. I love my glasses. I've tried contacts, but I don't like them. I really, really like wearing glasses.

2. I still have 2 boxes of old Santa Barbara tapes, pictures, and scrapbooks in my attic. Of course I don't watch the tapes anymore (I'm not that big of a dork) but I did stay up late 1 night watching old episodes on YouTube.

3. I love libraries and so do my kids. We will drive 45 minutes out of our way just to go to check out new libraries.

4. Sometimes, I take trash home from parties or events. Not real trash, just stuff that can be recycled like cardboard or bottles or cans. I once snuck out a whole bag of wrapping paper from a Christmas party because I knew it was going to be thrown away. I know this admission will probably decrease future party invitations. I'm sorry; I'm just such a recycling dork. All I can say in defense is that I'm from New Jersey.

5. I still have my Barbies up in the attic. No, I don't play with them anymore. I'm just waiting for that girl to have an excuse to play with them.

When I think of some more, I'll do another post- Dork Diaries 2. Anyone care to leave a comment about why they're a dork?


Ericka Johnson said...

Too funny. There are coulntless ways that I am a dork! Too many to name...

kcwatson said...

So funny! I loved reading it. Fun stuff to blog about.

Julie said...

I love wearing glasses too. I've never tried contacts because I don't want the wind in my eyes and I love my glasses because I think they make me look smarter. I always wanted to be an intellectual.
I also played with Barbies clear until 16 (or 17?!) too. My mom still has all my old Barbie stuff. She used to let me draw pictures of Barbie outfits I wanted and then she'd sew them for me. So fun!
I'll have to think of some more but we at least have these 2 in common.

Liz said...

I am a total dork by most of your standards. i LOVED soap operas as a kid. General Hospital, Days, One Life to Live, and All My Children. How dorky is that? But that was the life of a latch key kid.
Loved Air Supply as well, TOTALLY take recyclable things from parties and outings, and I love to wear glasses too. I think one thing that stands out for my dorkiness: I love to dance but I can't to save my life! But I do anyway!