Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Resume (Sort Of)

I am a stay-at-home mother and I love it. I haven't always been. It feels like it's been a long journey to get here. Let me tell you about it. I've been working since I was fifteen. I've always enjoyed working. In high school, I worked for a doctor's office. I loved having my own money and being able to buy whatever I wanted.

When I went to college, I stopped working because it was just too much. When I graduated, I got my dream job. I've always wanted to work in a social services field or a non-profit. I worked in Salt Lake City for a company called Centro De La Familia running a foster care program. I was in charge of recruiting & training foster parents, placing children in foster homes, and basically making sure everyone was happy-foster parents, kids (that didn't happen too often), case managers, the State. I loved that job. I loved working with kids who needed someone to advocate for them, to care about them. My job was basically my life. My husband was in school at the time and very busy with internships, so I threw myself into my job. I spent time with kids on evenings and some weekends taking them to recreational activities or visits with their natural parents. I only worked there for 3 years before we moved, but it was the most rewarding 3 years of my career-life. Sure, it was hard. Heart-breaking, sad, and totally consuming, emotionally and physically.

When we moved to New Jersey, I wanted to find a similar job, but I also wanted to have a baby. I was going on 4 years of marriage and I was ready to be a mom. I knew that if I found a similar job which I really wanted, that it would be too all-consuming and hard on a family. So, I decided to take my old boss on his offer to go back to the doctor's office. It was the ideal job for me at the time, even though it wasn't what I wanted, in my heart, to be doing. The office was 5 mins away from home and I could walk, which I did often. I was done by 4 every day and never on call. I didn't have to work evenings or take heart-wrenching thoughts home every night. It felt ironic to be doing the same thing I was doing before college, but it was right for me.

We had a baby soon after and I continued working there. My husband would drop the baby off at my parents when he went to work, usually after 10:00 am or so. It was nice that he had a late schedule. This worked out for everyone.

After I had my second baby, my boss let me cut back my hours. I worked every day until 1PM and picked up the kids at my parents where my husband had dropped them off. He continued having a later schedule which worked out great so the kids were only there a few hours. My boss also let me work from home, so I was making almost as much as before.

When we moved to Texas, I didn't want to work full-time anymore, so I started substitute teaching two days a week. My parents also moved to Texas and continued helping out with childcare those two days a week. I was usually home by 3:30 and had all school vacation days and summers off. It was perfect. My parents were so awesome throughout all this. Taking the kids to school and picking them up.

Recently, I stopped substitute teaching (after 5+ years). A few months ago, I toyed with the idea of going back to work full-time in my old field. For a moment, I was excited about working in the field I love. I sent out many resumes and even had a few interviews. In the end, I didn't get the jobs, but I'm so happy. I knew, deep in my heart, that I did not want to go back to work. I want to be home. For the first time ever, I am home full-time, and I love it! I am still writing, so I still work, but on my own schedule and my own terms. I'll be honest, I haven't been writing too much the last few months. I am just enjoying being home full-time. The writing will pick back up soon, I'm sure. I'll know when it's time to throw myself into writing again.
Right now, I just love my three bosses. The one on the right is the CEO. What he says goes!


S+S said...

your boys are getting so grown up and handsome

Amanda said...

What an adorable picture! I'm glad you can stay at home like you want. Besides, writing really IS a job, despite what nonwriters may think, and you do a great job at it.

Liz said...

it's been a little while since i checked your blog. what a fun post this is! i was a social worker for almost 13 yrs. (still consulting every now and again) until I decided to stay home. Not b/c of children but b/c of burn out. I'm sure you can imagine. So great you were able to experience and gain appreciation for the social services/non-profit work! But staying home is awesome, isn't it?