Monday, March 16, 2009

March Madness

It's March Madness .
I love filling out the brackets every year even though I always do really badly. If you like to fill out brackets for the NCAA Basketball Tournament too, then this is the contest for you.

My book, Pick Up Games, which will be released in May deals with college basketball and the NCAA tournament. Mick Webber and Cara Jones are the co-hosts of a college basketball news program and they follow their Utah teams around the country, covering the games. The story takes readers into March Madness. If you would like to win a copy of my forthcoming book, then play!
All you have to do is e-mail me your Final Four picks and overall winner. Whoever picks the winner of the NCAA tournament will win a copy of my book which will be sent to you in May when it comes out. If there are multiple entries with the same winning team, then your Final Four picks will be the tie-breaker. Any entries with the winning team and same amount of Final Four picks will be put into a hat and the winner will be drawn. E-mail me and win!
All entries must be received by noon Central on Thursday. The tournament starts on Thursday.


Julie said...

I'll be filling out a bracket too! I always do pretty bad as well so I can't promise that I'll choose a winner. But it is sure fun each year!
I'll have to let you know who I choose.

Julie said...

Also, I want to congratulate you on Pick-Up games coming out in May! That is super exciting!