Saturday, March 28, 2009

Neighborhood Cats

I don't really like cats. I never have. I just have a general phobia of animals and anytime I pet them, I have this overpowering sensation to wash my hands right away. I know I'm weird.

Anyway, there are so many cats that traipse around my neighborhood, and it kind of drives me crazy. I don't mind their presence in the neighborhood, it's what they leave behind in my yard. They poop in my mulch and even have the audacity to jump my fence and leave their stuff behind in my backyard. Yuck! I don't have pets for a reason--because I don't like pet poop. It makes me mad that I have to clean up their poop from my backyard. I went to mow the lawn in the back the other day and counted over a dozen little packages.

I don't even know who all these cats belong to because they just roam the streets. My 3 year-old likes to pet the cats. It's very cute, but I feel bad thinking he'll never have a cat of his own until he's an adult. There just will never be a cat in my house; it's bad enough they have the run of my yard.


Amanda said...

I'm so with you, Marcia. And totally sympathetic to what's happening to you. In our side yard, there's an area that's all dirt, and the cats in the neighborhood all use it as a gigantic litter box. Sometimes they fight right outside our house and we have to go out there and throw things at them to break it up. It's awful.

Tynel said...

Pet poop is bad!! Sorry you are having to clean it up when it's not yours!

kcwatson said...

I'd be steaming mad...that drives me crazy!