Thursday, April 30, 2009

Available for Pre-Order

Pickup Games is now available for Pre-Order at and Amazon.

Here is a description of the book:

When Mick Webber gets a new job hosting a college basketball show, he is less than thrilled to learn he will be co-hosting with Cara Jones, a pretty brunette trying to get over her failed engagement. From the start it is clear the two will not be playing nice, and work soon turns into a battlefield. But as the season progresses and the two are forced to work together more closely, they begin to see that first impressions can often be deceiving. In this riveting story about the game of love, you ll find yourself holding your breath to see what the scoreboard says when the clock runs out.

At Target, it can be pre-ordered for $10.87 which is a savings of $5.12. I don't know how long that special will last.

It is also available for pre-order at Amazon for $15.99.

It should be available at other places sometime next month. As for me, I still haven't received my copies yet, but I'm super-excited to see it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Cover!!

Here is the cover of my book, Pickup Games. It will be out in May. More info will follow!

Here is a video for Anne Bradshaw's upcoming book, Famous Family Nights, which will be released in September 2009. It's a compilation of Family Home Evening ideas and stories and includes an excerpt that I wrote.

Go to Anne's Blog, Not Entirely British, to find out more about this book and for weekly giveaways. She's giving away great stuff!

Here is the link to the video. I will also be adding it to my sidebar.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Words I Hate

The other day, I saw a show advertised on TV called The Cougar. I hate that word--a cougar. I don't actually hate the word, I just hate what it "means" now. From my understanding, cougar is a woman who likes to date younger men. Why do they have to call them cougars? They're women, not cougars. So what if they like younger men? Some older men have liked dating younger women for years and years, why isn't there some special, derogatory name picked out for them?

Leave those women alone! Don't call them cougars. Whoever came up with that term took a perfectly great word--cougar (cool animal and BYU mascot) and ruined it!

While we're on the subject of terms that I hate, here's another one. I hate the term reverse discrimination. I've always hated it. The term had its heyday in the 90's, and I don't think it's used as much anymore. Thank goodness. The reason I hate it? I think that using the word reverse with it implies that discrimination should go a certain way and if it goes the other way, then it's the opposite of how it should be. Make sense?

So, those are two terms that I hate. I'm sure there are more if I sit and think about it. Maybe I'll post a part 2 sometime. Don't even get me started on how much I hate the word 'alien' to refer to immigrants. Hate it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Previously Engaged by Elodia Strain

I've been so excited to read Previously Engaged by Elodia Strain. I read Strain's debut novel, The Icing on the Cake, and have been anticipating this sequel. I love Annabelle Pleasanton, the hilarious, quirky, always-getting-out of scrapes main character. She is dating Isaac Matthews, and she gets the feeling that he's going to propose. He asks her ring size and hints that she should get a short lease on an apartment, but Annabelle keeps waiting for it to happen. In the meantime, she wins a $50,000 "Dream Wedding." Although he hasn't technically proposed yet, Annabelle begins to plan her "Dream Wedding." There are a few obstacles keeping her from that dream wedding. First, there's Alex who dumped her at the prom, but seems to have had second thoughts. Then, there's Chloe, Isaac's agent, whom everyone seems to think is perfect for him. There's also the fact that Isaac is not into the high end designer suit and fancy food that her dream wedding require. To top it all off, an amazing job offer threatens to come between Annabelle and Isaac. This is a funny, laugh-out-loud story about a very endearing woman. Through this first-person account, I felt like I really knew Annabelle. Strain's comical and crisp writing style brings the reader into the story like you're listening to your best friend and rooting for her to get out of the awkward situations she manages to get into. Despite Annabelle's penchant for designer bargains, beneath that cashmere sweater, is a huge heart. She writes "Pink Notes" in a notebook which contains lists of people who inspire her. Amongst her "Pink Notes" are women who run a flower business and bakery whose proceeds go to charity. Inside, Annabelle knows what's important in life and it's a fun ride reading as she makes meaningful decisions with that $50,000 she won. I love a story that makes me laugh and inspires me at the same time. Elodia Strain's Previously Engaged is that story. You'll find a well-written book with fleshed-out characters who feel real. Funny dialogue and interior monologue accompany this gem. With her clever writing style, Strain has composed a charming book that makes me want to read the next book she has to offer.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

He Won!!!!

My son, Omar, is in 3rd grade and he loves to write. In his spare time, he's on the computer typing up stories or drawing pictures in the Paint program to go with his stories. When he was four, he started writing stories on the computer. He's so creative.

I am so proud of him because he just won 1st place in the Reading Rainbow Young Authors & Illustrators local competition for third grade. His story is called Harry and the Messy Room.

On Monday, we went to the awards reception. There were 1st-3rd place winners in grades K-3. There were 3 high school students who read each winner's story as the illustrations were portrayed on a big screen. Here is a picture of Omar listening as his story is being read and the illustrations are being shared with the audience. I imagine it was a surreal moment for him as someone read the words that he wrote. I was so excited for him.

It was a lot of hard work for him to finish the story. He had to give up a lot of "free time" in order to get it done, but I'm sure he knows that it was worth it. This was his second time to enter. The first year, he was very disappointed that he didn't win. I'm glad he had the courage to try again.

It's a really great story. I loved it, and he came up with it all on his own. When the lady in charge of the contest called me to tell me he won, she said she fell in love with his story. I'll have to find some way to post his story if anyone is interested and if he's willing to share it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I received my proofs yesterday. Proofs are a PDF file of exactly what my book will look like inside. I have to read through it carefully and catch any mistakes before it goes to press.That will keep me busy for the next few days. It's very exciting to see what the inside of my book will look like. I still haven't seen the cover, but I should see that by the end of this week or early next week. Can't wait.