Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Book Signing

Last Saturday, I had a book signing at Temple View Books in San Antonio. Here is a picture of me and my amazing and supportive husband, Nolan. He tells everyone he knows about my books. He even walked around the store a little to tell customers about my books. It's so great to see people who don't know me actually buy my books. There were two women who bought all three of them. That's so exciting!
Many great friends came to see me and buy my book. It was good to see all of you! Thanks for coming. I love this store. The manager is so nice and always sets up a lovely table for me. It was a terrific time.


Amanda said...

It was good to see you. I'm glad you had a nice time.

Liz M Derry said...

That's great that it went so well, Marcia! I bet it is especially exciting to see new people get interested in your books.