Monday, June 1, 2009

Young Adult Books

So, I've been in a huge Young Adult kick the past two months, and that's all I've been reading. Here are the great YA books I've read recently. I highly recommend taking a fun ride into YA territory and read these books!

Savannah was dumped by her boyfriend who started dating her sister. She gets a fairy godmother who gives her three wishes. Chrissy is the not best godmother, just a fair one. She messes up Savannah's wishes and sends her back to the Middle Ages as Cinderella and then Snow White. I loved this book! I enjoyed how modern day was interweaved with the Middle Ages.

Rose and her eleven sisters must dance each night for the King Under Stone. Based on a Grimms fairy tale, Princess of the Midnight ball tells the story of 12 princesses who are under a curse. Worn slippers every night is a mystery to their father, the king. Galen is a young soldier turned gardener who falls for Rose and seeks to find a way to break the spell. I am not familiar with the original tale, but loved this story. Galen is a brave and kind man who knits. With his knitting and a unique source of magic, Galen sets off to fight King Under Stone. I enjoyed how each sister had a unique personality and despite being under a curse and unable to break it, they are feisty and spirited. I have enjoyed this author's novels and highly recommend them.
Annika's brother is very sick and she tells him that a genie gave her three wishes and she's giving him two of those wishes. He wishes to meet the actor who plays Teen Robin Hood. That wasn't the wish she was expecting him to say. In order to help make her brother's wish come true, Annika drives to California to seek out the actor and beg him to come meet her brother. Another wonderful book from Janette Rallison.

Laurel is a teenage girl who's been home-schooled and is now starting high school. David takes an immediate liking to her. As she starts high school, she feels very different than her peers and she soon finds out why. She's a faerie; she begins to sprout wings and little by little learns more of her past.

It was okay. I have no criticisms. I like Harry and his friends. For some reason, I just couldn't get into it. It didn't make me want to devour it. I like princesses, fairies, fairy godmothers, young maidens that bring down evil empires, frogs that have to be kissed, princes who fall in love with the lowly girls, and girls who break evil curses. I devour those books.


Jen said...

THANK YOU for this wonderful resource! I am going to try and get every one of these from the library. With how slow work has been, I've needed a lot of fluff reading.... Screwtape Letters is just not the type of book to be taken on at 3 AM.

Marcia Mickelson said...

Yes, these are awesome, fun books. Have fun with them! Perfect 3 AM reading. Hope all is going well with your job

kcwatson said...

Ahh...summer is here and I need new books for Carlene...these look great...shes already read the Harry Potter though. I'll suggest them to her.