Monday, January 4, 2010

Review of Famous Family Nights

It's Monday night, so what does that mean? It's time for family night. Every Monday evening, my family has family night. On the rare occasion that we do miss, Mom and Dad are in trouble. My ten year old son makes sure we have family night or gives us a pretty hefty guilt trip. I was in severe trouble from him when I had a PTA meeting go really long into the night, past bedtime and so we missed family night.
It's a very important event to our family. It doesn't always go perfectly without complaint or tears, but it almost always happens. Some evenings, we have a lesson or a game. There isn't a lot of planning that goes into them, but we are consistent in having them every week, and I think that's the important part.
Famous Family Nights is a compilation of stories written by LDS authors, musicians, professors, and performers and includes my story, "Family Home Evenings in the Car." The story tells of our experience several years ago when we were anticipating the construction of the temple in San Antonio. Many Monday evenings, we spent family night in the car on the way to the temple to check out the progress of the temple.
In reading this book, you find comfort and humor in knowing that many families suffer the same challenges. Many of us have antsy kids that won't sit still during the lesson or don't feel like singing the hymns or won't stop touching each other. This book has great ideas as well as accounts that are both funny and touching. I enjoyed reading the personal stories of so many who share my faith and who see the importance of this weekly event.


brandi said...

Thanks for the recommendation! My reading list just keeps growing! I can't wait to read your story, it sounds wonderful.

And I can't wait to have little ones to share a family night with!

Julie said...

This sounds like just what I need to get our FHE's going again. Plus, I always love to read your stories. It sounds like it was a wonderful, happy memory for your family!

Marcia Mickelson said...

Brandi-you and Xavier can have family home evening now even before kids.

Julie- Thanks. It's a really good memory for us. I have tons of pictures we took of the progress. ONe of these days I need to make a scrapbook.