Monday, August 20, 2012

My Blog Is Back

Yes, my last post was two and a half years ago. It has really been that long since I've blogged. So, it's time to resurrect the old blog and start posting again. Maybe, it's because I'm such a minimalist that I've taken to Facebook and Twitter so much and have left the more wordy Blogger behind. So much can be said with just a FB status update or 140 characters on Twitter.

So, to recap those two and a half years, here are some of my favorite Tweets. Next post, I'll share some of my FB status updates to make up for the lack of blog posts over the last 2 and a half years. Then, we'll be all caught up again!


I wish the world could stand still for five hours so I could just write.

Just hit 20,000 on my word count.

Loved Amy Poehler and Will Arnett in The Secret World of Arietty.

Why does it feel like editing never ends?

listening to some smart boys talk about writing.

Having some major Stephanie Perkins withdrawal. Need to read some similar type YA books.

dessert is in the oven so now it's time to figure out what to make for dinner.

Picked up purple rubber lizard in living room and then thought I was picking up a green rubber lizard in the garage. Well, it wasn't rubber.

Had a wedge salad today and it made me think of that Modern Family episode.

Watching The Outsiders with my 12 year old. One of my all time favorite movies .

The new Great Gatsby looks awful.

City librarian wanted to know if Omar's mom was with him. I said I'm his mom. She looked shocked & said I thought you were his sister! NICE!

tortillas so good they're worth the hour drive to Beeville, Texas.

wearing my WNBA t shirt from 1997. I think that makes me a little old.

Failing miserably at teaching my kids to speak Spanish. Older Hispanic folks at grocery stores all over Texas look at me with shame.

Making my 10 year old practice piano. Tell me it will all be worth it one day.

Had a weird dream that John Green came to the elementary school where I teach to do a presentation and all of us teachers were like "Squee!"

Bought an 8 foot ladder, trying to reach some high places in living room & 6 foot ladder was not getting me there. Kinda scary up so high.

I seriously love Sheldon Cooper.

Listening to Spotify in the car. Everything from Annie get your gun soundtrack to Beastie Boys.

I'm listening to Jane Eyre on audiobook. Mr. Rochester is quite the jerk so far.

The kids are having breakfast at noon. I'm such a good mother. In my defense I did do 2 hours of yardwork this morning.

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