Monday, August 20, 2012

What I'm Reading And Writing Now

In those two and a half years I have been blog-absent, my writing and reading tastes have changed. I have rediscovered my youth and have completely fallen for Young Adult novels. I've dabbled in reading YA in the past, but lately, it has consumed my reading and writing.

Maybe it's that YA makes me reminisce about my childhood and young adulthood when I fell in love with reading. It was Beverly Cleary, followed by Carolyn Keene, and then V.C Andrews. YA back then was a lot different than YA today. We didn't have full shelves full of just YA titles in Barnes and Noble and at the local library. We were lucky if there was one spinning shelves of YA paperbacks amid all the children's titles.

I honestly can't remember the last non-YA book that I've read. And, it has been nearly three years since I've been interested in writing anything other than YA. In fact, about three years ago, a YA author who critiqued my yet-to-be published manuscript suggested that I completely re-write it as a YA with my twenty-seven year old female main character as a young adult. At the time, I completely wrote off her suggestion thinking that she was saying that just because she's a YA author herself. But, as I have thought about it over the years, that is exactly what I'm going to do. I have not started the huge task of rewriting that manuscript yet, but it's on my to-do list.

In the meantime, I have finished one YA manuscript and am about 20,000 words into the next. Previously, I had written women's fiction, but I don't know if I can ever go back to that after experiencing the delight that comes with writing YA. 

So, that's another thing I've been doing over the past two and a half years--reading, writing, and loving YA. 


Amanda said...

Glad you're back! And I'm glad I saw your announcment of bringing the blog back. :)

I was real into YA for a few years too, then all of a sudden, I got really tired of it. Now, I rarely read YA and when I do, I find it mostly tedious. Not all of it, of course, and there are certain authors I continue to read. I think I just burned myself out on it too much, or maybe it's because my kids are getting older and want to read YA books now. Same thing happened to me with middle-grade books - I loved them right until my kids started reading the same books, and then I moved on...

Marcia Mickelson said...

Amanda, hopefully I will keep blogging. I can understand about getting burned out on a genre. I read almost only LDS fiction for 4-5 years, and then I got burned out too. I still love it, I don't read much of it anymore. I should just vary my reading, so I don't get burned out on any one genre. Hope it doesn't happen to YA for me. Maybe I should quick go read something else to balance myself.