Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gale or Peeta

In this blog post, I answer the age-old question- Gale or Peeta? In Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games books, Katniss Everdeen must choose between these two young men. It's not an easy choice as they're both honorable young men with good qualities. My answer: Date Gale, but marry Peeta.

Gale is the kind of guy you might want to date, but not the kind of guy you want to marry. He's good for some adventures when you're young and looking for adventure. However, once you're past the stage of adventure-seeking and ready to settle down, Gale is not your guy.

Peeta, on the other hand, is totally your guy. He's the one you can count on when you really need him. When you're pregnant and hungry all the time, Peeta will make you some yummy baked goods. Peeta is the kind of guy who will walk the floors with a crying baby in the middle of the night. Gale wouldn't be around in the middle of the night. He'd be off on some adventure. Peeta would be there though. He'd take the baby and rock her to sleep while you got some shut-eye.

Sure, Gale is good with snares and insignificant things like that, but Peeta is good in the kitchen. So, girls, remember when you're faced with such a dilemma, here is your answer. Date Gale. Marry Peeta.

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