Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Because I love Venn Diagrams and because I'm a bit weird

So, I love Venn Diagrams, and I wanted to create one. I find it funny that I have a few things in common with author, Stephenie Meyer. I'm not trying to compare my books to hers or anything, I just find it very interesting that we have a few personal things in common. I mean what are the chances that we were born in the exact same month and year, married in the exact same year, both graduated from BYU, and both have 3 sons? I sure wish that the 100 million books part was one we had in common as well. Ha, ha!


C.J. said...

And didn't she live in Texas? Sounds like you are well on your way to selling 100 million books. :)

Unknown said...

Carole, Ha, ha. You're too kind. I wish! I'm not sure if she lived in Texas. I will have to check.