Saturday, February 2, 2013

Extreme Shyness

I am extremely shy. I have always been. In, high school during a trigonometry class, I was stung by a bee, but instead of saying anything to anyone or going to the nurse, I suffered in silence and took care of it at home. I hate asking people for anything.

I used to teach Kindergarten and was amazed at the total lack of shyness of one of my students once. Even as an adult, I hate to ask people for anything. At my previous school, something was needed in one of the restrooms in my class, and I didn't want to ask the custodian for it. I just figured he would see that it was needed when he cleaned the bathroom after school. As I was walking the students to another part of the school, my sweet student went right up to the custodian, said 'excuse me,' and went right on to tell him exactly what was needed and could he please take care of it. I was amazed at her courage and how easily she was able to ask for what was needed. I instantly wished for just a bit of her spunk. I know she will go far if she continues to speak out so easily.

You would think that being an author would be a perfect fit for someone like me who is afraid to talk to people. Yeah, I thought that too. Writing is a solitary activity--just you and the laptop. It is that way a little. However, once the book is published, that all changes, and it is time to talk to people. This is where it gets a bit challenging for me. Authors have speaking engagements, writing conferences, book signings, and are supposed to market their books to people. This has been challenging for me, but it has been good for me too. Marketing my books has forced me to come out from behind my laptop and talk to people. And, that is a good thing. I want to more easily talk to people.

For some reason, I find it more easily to talk to kids. I teach third grade, and that is a perfect age. I can talk to third graders all day with no problem. There is so much to talk about! But, once you turn twelve, well I'm just scared of you. I don't know exactly where this stems from, but I hope to overcome it because really, there are many awesome people out there to talk to.


Kaylee Baldwin said...

I think there is just something about kids that is so accepting. It was a lot easier for me to teach the eight-year olds at church than it was for me to teach the adults, just because I knew that the eight yo's weren't judging me. I know if I go into meeting someone thinking that they have every reason to want to get to know me, too, it's a lot easier to meet new people.

Unknown said...

Hi, Kaylee. Yes, that is exactly how I feel. I can be in front of a hundred kids, but once that first adult walks in...