Saturday, May 25, 2013

Book Signing at Barnes and Noble

Last Saturday, I had a book signing at Barnes and Noble. I was signing with Nichole Giles, author of Descendant. It went really well. I had friends from work and church come. There were also young readers that came out to buy books. I even talked to a few young people who want to be writers themselves. 

In the past, all of my book signings have been solo. It was so nice to sign with Nichole there to sign with. I think I enjoy joint signings so much more. I hope to have more joint signings in the future. 

It was such a great day. Thanks to all the people that came out to buy books. 


David P. King said...

Whoa! Nichole is with you. I know her! I'm popping in from Wendy's blog. It's good to meet you! :)

Unknown said...

Hello, David. Nice to meet you too. Yes! I met Nichole through LDStorymakers, and was happy when she moved to Texas. She was a lot of fun to sign with.